Saturday, May 30, 2009

Metal is Man's Music no More

Misstallica are Masters of Mayhem.

Last night was ladies night -- of metal. First was Queen Diamond, a King Diamond tribute band. There was face paint, upside-down cross mic stand, and the bass player looked like she was about 14 and was wearing an eye patch. Amazing.

Next up were Misstallica. About 5 minutes in you forget the whole kitsch factor and just revel in pure Evil. They played Metallica better than Metallica...the audience was going nuts, headbanging, rushing the stage, everything. I knew I grew my hair long for a reason. Did I mention they were all chicks? And about 19 years old? 

Girls Girls Girls closed the night -- an all girls Motely Crüe band. Vixen Neil, Nikita Seis, Tawny Lee, and Mistress Mars. Leather, hair spray, shredding, chugging jack daniels from the bottle, the whole nine. Vixen's voice is in much better shape than Vince's is these days...Shout At the Devil! Yeah, I don't just listen to soul music.


  1. This was truly a transformative event for me personally, as I am a long-time Metallica fan. If ever I felt like there was a time to publically tuck my penis between my legs and really confront my dad on some stuff, that was the night.